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Submitting to New Concepts

We require that authors query with their full manuscript, the synopsis, and a brief introductory letter. Our audience is primarily readers looking for romantic fiction ( sub genres: Science Fiction/Futuristic; Fantasy, Historical; Contemporary; Paranormal) and those have the best chance of being accepted and also the best chance of sales. We DO NOT publish gay/lesbian fiction; non-fiction/self help. We accept any length of fiction for publication from short story to epic novels, but we prefer authors keep their word count below 150K and above 10K at the short story. We do make exceptions, but these are the preferences.

Authors should keep in mind that we have a predominantly female audience and that books geared toward women's tastes and interests have the best chance of success.

We do distribute broadly through online distributors to many online bookstores so your book will have the potential for high visibility, but neither the visibility nor sales can be guaranteed. We can only present your work as enticingly as possible and make it available to readers.

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