*New*New*  Charity deeply regretted that she’d forgotten her camcorder in the midst of an ugly break-up—because it still had their homemade porn in it and the bastard pawned it.


And then the pawn shop sold it before she got the chance to retrieve it.


She didn’t give a damn about the camera, but she had to have that damned memory card back!

The dilemma is, how to convince John, the new owner, to cough it up without letting him know the porn featuring her exists?  Assuming, of course, that he hasn’t already found it—because, if he has it could be a major bargaining chip and lead to a really Wicked Proposition.



Wicked Proposition

  • Published: June 2021
    Length: novella

    Word Count: 14,072

    Genre: Contemporary Romance
    Rating: Spicy/erotic

    Available formats: Epub, PDF, RTF, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc)

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