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 Reverse Harem/Woman with four males

When the four stunning males that were built like linebackers or maybe weightlifters climbed in the cab with Raina, she had no idea she'd just been kidnapped by seraphs--or rescued according to them.  As much as she appreciated the fact that they were willing to donate their seed to the little project she'd been collected for, she didn't really want any part of that either. 


Raina had no idea of who she was or where she came from, but the four seraphs that captured/rescued her said she was the vessel—and they were there to supply the seed to fill that vessel.

When all of the elements came together they would produce a force powerful enough to save the world.  She was the light—the giver of life—the flame of creation.  They were Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.


She was pretty sure they were nuts—beautiful but looney.


On the other hand, it transpired that they could do some pretty amazing shit ….








Marie Morin





Chapter One

Raina was in the process of putting away her pathetically meager belongings when she heard a knock on the front door of her apartment.  It sent a jolt through her—a bolt of fear.

She didn’t know anyone.

Literally—not just in the apartment complex either.


No one at all in the entire world—except the people that had cared for her during her convalescence and she didn’t really consider that she ‘knew’ them beyond their professional capacity.

They wouldn’t have come to see her settle in, she was convinced.

When the knock came again, she tiptoed to her door and peered through the peephole, half fearful she would encounter an eyeball on the other side.

Or maybe the barrel of a gun.

What she saw sent another jolt through her and a wash load of doubt—a priest’s collar.

The guy was really tall or he was standing on something.

Between her hospitalization right after she’d been found near death in a snow bank and her recovery/rehabilitation, she’d spent months in a catholic facility so it wasn’t as if she wasn’t familiar with the garb of the priests.

The guy was definitely dressed like one.

She just couldn’t figure out what one was doing at her door.

“It’s alright to open the door, Raina,” the man said, amusement threading his voice.  “I don’t bite.”

Raina wasn’t convinced, but then she recalled that she’d only put initials on the mailbox that had her apartment number on it.

He must be from the hospital or the convalescence center, she decided.  Hesitating with her hand hovered over the doorknob, she finally unlocked it, but left the security chain on and only pulled the door open far enough to peer at the man standing just outside.

He was handsome enough to bowl her over and scatter her wits—especially when he smiled.  “I’m Father Gabrielle.  May I come in?”

Raina struggled with wariness and good manners and finally closed the door and removed the chain. 

“Yes. Come in.  I’m sorry.  I ….”

He waved her explanation off.  “I know you have … trust issues.  You should.  It’s a dangerous world.  I apologize for bothering you, but the new owner of the building requested that the church send someone down to bless the house.”

The comment sent her into shocked chaos.  Raina gaped at him.  “They … uh … still do that?” she asked blankly.

He chuckled, apparently not insulted in the least.  “They do” he whispered conspiratorially, leaning close enough to her ear she felt the warmth of his breath and inhaled it.  The effect was to make her skin pebble all the way down to her nipples—which instantly stood erect.

She folded her arms over her chest as casually as she could.  “Oh.  Sooo … you’re here to bless my apartment?”

“Yes—to keep your safe, my dear.”

“From …?”

“Demons, Raina,” he said gently and with perfect sincerity.

“Oh … ok,” she said uneasily.

He didn’t look insane, but obviously looks could be deceptive. 

What a damn shame!  He was a priest and insane! 

All that beauty totally wasted!

He chuckled and she looked at him curiously.

The glint in his eyes looked very un-priestly.  There was warmth there, she thought, that went beyond friendly—way beyond.


The Vessel

  • Published: May 2021
    Length: Category
    Word Count: 28, 368
    Genre: Paranormal/Supernatural
    Rating: Spicy /Erotic
    Available formats: PDF, RTF, Epub, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc)

  • Due to the nature of our product, we do not allow returns/refunds.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

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