**New***   Reverse Harem/Woman with four males

When the four stunning males that were built like linebackers or maybe weightlifters climbed in the cab with Raina, she had no idea she'd just been kidnapped by seraphs--or rescued according to them.  As much as she appreciated the fact that they were willing to donate their seed to the little project she'd been collected for, she didn't really want any part of that either. 


Raina had no idea of who she was or where she came from, but the four seraphs that captured/rescued her said she was the vessel—and they were there to supply the seed to fill that vessel.

When all of the elements came together they would produce a force powerful enough to save the world.  She was the light—the giver of life—the flame of creation.  They were Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.


She was pretty sure they were nuts—beautiful but looney.


On the other hand, it transpired that they could do some pretty amazing shit ….






Margaret Hamby had no idea what awaited her at the most haunted castle in the UK or she might have run the other way.


Simon, the first Lord Marlboro, haunts the halls of the castle Dr. Jonathan Sinclair has chosen to conduct his research into alternate dimensions.  But from the moment clairvoyant, Meg Hamby, arrives, he is obsessed with her.  And that obsession leads to violence and super charged emotions no one expected—least of all Meg.


But then she’s never been the object of a living mortal’s obsession.  How could she anticipate becoming Simon’s?

The Veil & The Vessel