From the time she was a small child Sebastian was Kathryn Marshall's hero. Now that she's all grown up, she's set her cap for him and nothing will deter her from her goal. He can run, but she's way faster.


Sebastian is quite happy with his life just as it is, but when he is called upon to become guardian to his missing friend's daughter, he rises to the occasion—literally—but that is only part of what transforms his comfortable existence into one of powerful chaos. For Kathryn Marshall, to his dismay, is neither the child he imagined, a shy little miss, or even a well brought up young woman. He shouldn’t have been surprised.  How could she be when her father holds the title of the worst rake in England?

The Rake's Scandalous Ward

  • Published: 08/2006
    Length: Mid Novel
    Word Count: 68,467
    Genre: Historical Romance
    Rating: Spicy