Kelly is abducted from Earth for breeding purposes by Tau, an alien man from a cat like race. 


When Kelly Scott rescues a stranger from the gang that has chosen him as prey, she discovers Tau is unlike any man she has ever known.


The meeting was purely accidental, but Kelly saw someone who needed help and she couldn’t simply ignore it.  She just didn’t realize then exactly how dangerous Tau was or that helping him could be the death of her.  That part only dawned on her after she was taken captive by the aliens raiding for mates and the discovery that Tau didn’t want a human mate.


This took being ‘a fifth wheel’ to a whole new, and potentially deadly, level.  Second publishing.

The Lion's Woman

  • Published: 02/14/2014
    Length: Mid-Novel 
    Word Count: 58,553
    Genre: Sci-Fi/ Futuristic Romance 
    Rating: Spicy/Erotic