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Private Investigators Diana Skelley and Sly Muellin are teamed up to discover who or what is prowling Ms. Vanderhorn’s antebellum ‘cottage’.  The wealthy widow is convinced it’s a ghost, but Muellin is more inclined to suspect someone wants her out of the way.


Agent Diana Skelley is one of the company's top detectives--specializing in the paranormal.  Sly Muellin, formerly FBI (Florida Bureau of Investigation) feels like he's come down a long way already from the agent he was to private detective.  Working with the office 'kook' isn't his idea of making his way back up--to say nothing about the fact that her 'bimbo' attire makes it really hard for him to concentrate on anything but her bra size.


Second Publishing

Supernatural One: A Haunting

  • Published: February 2003

    Length: Novella

    Word Count: 24,942

    Genre: Detective Mystery
    Rating: Spicy

    Available formats: Epub, PDF, RTF, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc) 

  • Due to the nature of our product, we do not allow returns/refunds. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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