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This is a reissue.


She bore the mark foretold in legend. Three powerful men would fight to claim her, but Bronwyn had her own ideas about how her destiny would unfold.


Nanna had told Bronwyn that her destiny lay in the city. She’d thought her grandmother was promising a happily ever after with her soul mate, the man of her dreams.Unfortunately, of the three ‘men’ she met that she was over the moon about, not one was actually a man—not a human. The vampire lord Constantine d’Valdmir was a progenitor and, as such, hadn’t even been born human—and he was the closest of the three to human since that was his only form. The leader of the local werewolf pack, Luke Gray Wolf … well he was born Lycan and Lord Caleb Westmoreland was Raja—born king of beasts, the Lion King. All three were alphas, arrogant as hell, and absolutely convinced she was the ‘one’ they’d been waiting for, the woman they would breed their king upon. And it looked like they were not only willing to kill to claim her, they were dead set on it.


One could only imagine the depths of dismay they felt when Bronwyn collected their seed and headed back home with it!


Graphic love scenes, dark humor, adult situations and language. Reverse harem.



Prophecy: Night Breeds

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