A dark Elf, a dragon, and a unicorn--their alliance was an uneasy one, for their kind had ever kept to themselves, but the dark one, the wizard Artimus, commanded them and the ‘knife’ he held to their throats couldn’t be ignored or easily overcome. They’d been set the task of collecting the orphan girl, Gwyneth, and taking her to him as a sacrifice. Somehow, she was the key to freeing them, to freeing their realm from the evil of the wizard Artimus forever. The question was, beyond enjoying the lure of her flesh, how could they use her?


After a life of pure misery, Gwyneth finally gathers her courage to take a chance on a better life, begging the dark Elf to take her with him, but has she leapt from the frying pan and right into the fire?


second publishing

The Maiden and the Triad of Magical Beings

  • Published: 07/2008
    Length: Mid Novel
    Word Count: 64,742
    Genre: Paranormal Fantasy Romance
    Rating: Erotica. Multiple sexual partners. 
    Available formats: PDF, RTF, Epub, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc)