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A galactic ranger on a mission to capture a serial killer.

A woman on a mission to capture a sperm donation ....

When the two collide--near disaster.


Anika was looking for a donor for her family project when she caught the eye of a killer. Luckily for her she also caught the eye of the galactic space ranger hot on his tail.


Bazel wasn't looking for a mate. He was trying to catch a serial killer, but he discovered Anika was just impossible to resist.


Dark Sentinel

Hawk was well aware that a sane man would have called it good and quit if he managed to escape the combined firepower of the company, the cops, and the militia once. But he discovered it was a lot harder to dismiss Alexis from his mind than it was taking on what was likely to be a suicide mission by heading back into the city to get her.

Even if the likelihood was that she would to scream and run from him if he did track her down.


As terrified as lowly lab assistant, Alexis, was of the cyborg kill squad known as Hawk squad, she had never been more happy to see them than the night they rescued her from the company goons bent on torturing her.


It was still a hell of a leap from rescue to mating in her book, though—be they ever so beautiful in a completely terrifying way.

The problem was getting the four scary cyborg-human/animal hybrids to see it her way when they had mating on their minds.




Hunter and Dark Sentinel

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