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 When an all female crew sets out on a ‘routine’ mission to test America’s new warp drive the last thing they expected was to encounter alien life—otherwise it would’ve been an all male crew, right?


Orders were to take the ship to the nearest solar system to Earth’s.  It had no habitable planets and therefore no intelligent life was expected to be found.  They would drop a communications buoy and probes to explore the planets and then return. Unfortunately for their well laid plans, it was an inhabited solar system.  The ship hadn’t even breached ‘air space’ of the solar system when it was captured in a tractor beam that dragged them in like a spider reeling in its prey.And the inhabitants didn’t seem to grasp what ‘we come in peace’ meant.




An Earth colony on a primitive world.  An Elite Dacton Warrior.  A dedicated scientist. And a mating ritual she had no idea she was going to star in.


Humans had colonized the new world before they knew it was already occupied—by the Dactons—a primitive warrior race.  It was forbidden to interfere with the development of an alien race, however, and that made it difficult to study them—because even to be seen was considered interference.


Casey figured out a way around that.  She wore a cloaking device that made her invisible to get close enough for study of the potentially dangerous primitives.  There was one thing she failed to consider—the cloaking might make her invisible to human eyes, but she wasn’t dealing with humans.


And the elite Dacton warrior she was following around to study decided she would make a perfect mate—for him.  He herded Casey right into the MATING HUNT before she had a clue she was about to have to run for her life if she wanted to avoid the romance he had in mind. 



Galaxy Quest: Odyssey & The Hunt

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