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Snow Leopard


Her search to photograph the rare leopard not only uncovered something far more exotic, but it placed her in the crosshairs of a killer. Which was more deadly? The Snow Leopard? Or the man with the gun?


Research scientist, Natalie Pendergast, was searching for the elusive Snow Leopard when she found something on the mountain no one believed even existed that was far more dangerous.


Natalie would never have believed an association with Billionaire Don Fillmore would be getting mixed up with the ‘wrong crowd’—and she wasn’t totally convinced when the Feds approached her. The attempt to eliminate her as a witness was pretty convincing, though.


Fortunately, his first attempt landed her in Raphael’s backyard and he was way more dangerous than Fillmore ever hoped to be. He wasn’t especially pleased to have bound himself to a human woman in his efforts to save her, but she was his, and nobody messed with his woman.



Dark Phoenix


He was looking for a mate and she couldn't run fast enough ....


They are the last of their kind, their species so decimated they cannot find mates—among their own kind. But they have the power to adapt …. Dr. Cassie Burks is the delighted recipient of that adaptation.


Cassie was just minding her own business, off in her own little science world—as usual—happily collecting data for her latest study of birds when a ball of fire from the sky turned her quiet little, completely uneventful life on end.



Fire and Ice: Snow Leopard and Dark Phoenix

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