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Alien technology built by humans—but was it a gift?  Or a weapon?  What was really the prime directive of the mission?  Were the soldiers sent as security there to protect them?  Or to silence them?


 **New**  Archeologist Roslyn O’Neal was selected for a dangerous, terrifying mission—cross the gateway threshold into a worm hole that will take her and the rest of the science team across the universe to a world no human has ever seen—or have they?  The soldiers sent as mission security seem unnervingly focused on her.  She just doesn’t understand why—and that’s almost as confusing a puzzle as the mission itself—What was the ‘gift’ the aliens left mankind really about?  Would it save mankind?  Or complete the destruction they'd brought on themselves?


Woman with Male harem-multiple heroes.






Kaitlyn O’Connor

Chapter One

Dr. Roslyn O’Neal struggled to ignore the organized chaos around her and focus on her relaxation techniques.

To prevent herself from an acute case of hysterics brought on by terror of the most intense kind.

She was poised—with her group of carefully selected scientists—to make a discovery that went so far beyond ‘historic’ and ‘monumental’ she doubted there was a word in the English language that could be used to describe it.

‘The Gods’ actually had left a message for mankind. 

For years the rumors/tales/pure fiction had circulated that aliens had visited the Earth long ago and had left ‘evidence’ and or knowledge for the descendents of first man.

Then, as is so often the case, one man stumbled upon it—not entirely by accident because he’d been searching for it for decades.

A string of data embedded in human DNA that wasn’t junk and wasn’t actual DNA, but rather a blueprint and instructions for the thing the team was currently powering up.

A gateway to the stars.

There were still far too many questions in Rosyln’s mind for her to feel the confidence she wished for in the endeavor.  Was the information they’d been bequeathed an invitation?  Or a summons? 

Would the aliens who’d left it be hostile, having long forgotten the message they left?

Forgotten by thousands of years.

Would they even still exist after so much time had passed?

And, saying they actually did get to wherever they were meant to go instead of having their atoms scattered across the universe, would there be a way to come back?

And what if it transpired that it was only a trick and the device was some sort of bomb that would destroy the Earth when it was activated?

Of course, teams of the most brilliant minds in every discipline had poured over the data with a fine toothed comb and assured everyone in power that this was a gift, knowledge and technology beyond our wildest dreams.

Not that it actually was beyond our wildest dreams, because scientists had been feverishly working on space travel for many years, trying to figure out how they could get from point A to point Z in the space of a human lifetime—in fact well under that.  They had felt like, for decades, that they were on the very cusp of a breakthrough that would make exploration of distant solar systems, and galaxies a doable possibility. 

And then, suddenly, there it was, dropped in the laps of humanity in a neat little package.

Roslyn tried not to think of it as a Trojan horse. 

She thought, even if she hadn’t been going herself, that she would have been afraid that that was what it was.  The fact that she’d answered the call made it that much more terrifying a possibility. 

She didn’t see the same level of fear in her fellow travelers and it made her wonder if they’d been given Valium and she’d been screwed.

She picked her backpack up for the millionth time and opened it to check the contents, to make certain she had packed everything she absolutely couldn’t do without.

They weren’t supposed to be gone more than a week, but she knew how that sort of thing could pan out.

And there were some things a person just didn’t want to do without days, let alone weeks.

She mentally ticked off the contents list—hers—not what she’d been told to bring.  The things she’d added were at least as important to her as the list of essentials the company/government had given her.  It added a tiny bit to the weight, but not enough to worry about, she told herself.

Better to have it and whine about the weight than not have it.

Satisfied, she closed it up again and settled it beside the chair she occupied.

Naturally, she’d no sooner suited up than she’d had to pee.

Damn it!


Event Horizon

  • Published: June 2021

    Length: Category

    Word Count: 38,662

    Genre: Science Fiction/Futuristic Fantasy
    Rating: Spicey Erotica

    Available formats: Epub, PDF, RTF, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc) 

  • Due to the nature of our product, we do not allow returns/refunds. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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