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Sent to investigate wolf attacks, Melanie discovers something that isn’t supposed to exist.  Run from the pack bent on mating?  Or let them catch her?  Decisions. Decisions.


Sent to investigate wolf attacks in the city, Melanie falls into the laps of three Native American Ironworker/Biker hunks.  But their looks aren’t all that’s stunning.


Hayden wasn’t looking for a mate—but he found one—primed and ready for mating.

She just didn’t know it … yet.




Dark and Dangerous:




Chapter One

Melly Stark pulled her SUV off the access road and drove around the parking lot, searching for a place near the trailhead to leave her vehicle.  Naturally, there wasn’t anything really close, though, because when people came to exercise they liked to get as close to the start point as possible.

God knows they didn’t want to get any extra exercise in before or after!

She, on other hand, wasn’t here for nature walking or hiking or jogging.  She had to do all three, but that was part of the job—not something she did for entertainment and she would’ve liked to cut as much off of her labor as possible.

Unfortunately, she could see it wasn’t possible.

Good thing she’d brought a wagon to lug the equipment around!

Giving up on finding anything closer, she pulled into a space near the back, put the vehicle into park and pulled out her notebook, checked the time, and made a notation.  The date and time sent a jolt through her.

She was a scientist and she was generally haphazard in her internal/external clock watching.  If she had to time an experiment/test, she sat down and set her alarm and watched the timer.  If she had an appointment, ditto.

Otherwise, she was very bad at tracking time and dates, easily distracted from the mundane day-to-day by her science.

This was significant, though, and she grabbed her personal journal and opened it with the electronic thermometer she kept tucked into it as a bookmark.

Turning the thermometer on, she stuck it under her tongue and waited with pen in hand.

She’d been tracking her ovulation.  She hadn’t decided, yet, how she was going to proceed with the information, but she considered it vital to her breeding project either way—IVF or donor. 

She’d been leaning toward IVF—had been saving for it, actually, for quite some time, but she was wavering.

She could save the nest-egg for the baby if she just invited a donor to give her a deposit.

On the minus side, the only time any guy was willing to donate was when they’d convinced themselves it wasn’t going to make a baby—not when it was.

And they could get pretty violent about that kind of unwelcome surprise—according to crime statistics. 

Added to that, she hadn’t had a ‘serious’ relationship since college and things were looking pretty dim for that changing anytime within the last of her prime breeding years.

She’d decided on a pair—because she hated being an only child herself and didn’t want that for her offspring, but she also didn’t want to have them on top of each other.  She wanted to spread the fun out a little bit.

The one night stand thing—well that was pretty dangerous and also a huge gamble—in the sense that it was pushing the odds that she would run into a ‘donor’ she considered a decent candidate at the right time and place.  On the other hand, the relationship thing hadn’t proven less of a gamble. From the samples she’d had—well, in general, the better she got to know them the less likely they seemed to her as a candidate  for father of the year.

Movement caught her eye while she was waiting on her temperature results and she instinctively followed it and froze when she found herself staring at a pack of wolves, feeling her heart take a jerky leap.  Part of that was the thrill she always got when she saw nature in the wild.  Part of it was because they were a beautiful trio—looked strong and healthy and had beautiful dark coats.

And part of it was because she was at her current location with equipment because there’d been two deadly wolf attacks in this very park on the very trail she was here to study.

She was certainly safe in the vehicle, though, she reminded herself when the thermometer alarm sounded.

They heard it.

It made her jump and it made them jump.

Skittish, she mentally noted—excellent hearing—no noticeable defects, strong and healthy.

She tried to shake off her focus on them. 

Dark and Dangerous: Tribe of the Wolf

  • Published: June 2021
    Length: Category
    Word Count: 30,971
    Genre: Paranormal/Werewolf Romance 
    Rating: Spicy/Erotic 

    Available formats: Epub, PDF, RTF, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc) 


  • Due to the nature of our product, we do not allow returns/refunds.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

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