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Emily Steinbach hadn't even gotten comfortable from being dismissed for a mission among the barbarians of Kaili when she was called to action.

She'd been trained as an alternate, because a Di-ore was offered to each of the Nine Realms of the Uti and there was illness within the colony. But they had filled their quota of 'sacrificial lambs' and sent her on her way. She'd barely managed to throw off her terror, though, and focus on her latest project when she was summoned to replace a Di-ore that had gone 'missing' and not arrived where she'd been supposed to go--to the realm of Prince Loki of the Flaxen tribe.

If that wasn't shock enough, she discovered when she arrived that Loki had decided to make the most of his 'gift' by thoroughly enjoying her.


Published: December 2023

Word Count:  36,000

Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Romance

Rating: Spicy/Erotic


 Alien warriors,  Barbarians,  New Concepts Publishing,  Kaitlyn O'Connor


The Nine Realms of the Uti: Barbarian Prince

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