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Known as the Rogue Prince, Duke Bastian l'Cler has a habit of ignoring the boundaries of his neighbors.  But when he bounces across the border and captures the Di-ore--Dr. Chloe Mortensen--he discovers he may have bitten off more than he can chew.


Dr. Chloe Mortensen was designated as the 'sacrificial' Di-ore destined for the Flaxen King, Loki. But the Darkling lord--Duke Bastian l'Cler had other ideas. 


Chloe had already been terrified by the task expected of her--infiltrate the realm of the alien barbarians to find a cure for the plague. But that was magnified tenfold when Bastian used the magic no one at the colony believed was real or possible to bring her drone down and take her captive.


Central Command pointed out that it really didn't matter where she was. The objective was the same--find what they needed to create a treatment for the disease threatening to wipe out their colony.


Chloe was of the opinion that it mattered--a lot.


Especially after she got an up close and personal look at the giant barbarian. Because he wanted to 'know' her in a very bad way that unnerved her.



Published: April 2023

Word Count: 40, 988

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy

Rating: Spicy/Erotic

Available Formats: Epub, PDF, HTML, Mobi (PRC)


Domination/submission, Alpha Male, Kaitlyn O'Connor, NCP, adventure, alien warrior, barbarian

Nine Realms of the Uti: 4 Darkling

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