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What if another species, an alien species, just wanted the real estate because it was convenient for them and they had the means to make it happen?


They were phadrac—genetically engineered to be superior warriors for the E-Ridian Empire—given the task of removing the ‘primitive species’ in the way of the Empire’s colonization ambitions. 

It never occurred to their creators that they might question the prime directive.

This, Taden and his Bi, Syln, thought, was no primitive world and the U-mans were not primitives. And a phadrac warrior did not make war on the weak and helpless. They captured Autumn to save her—in spite of every effort on her part to escape.


Published: September 2022

Word Count: 40, 000

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy Romance

Rating: Spicy

Available formats: Epub, PDF, RTF, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc)


multiple heroes, alien warriors, menage, captive, Kaitlyn O'Connor, New Concepts Publishing, NCP



Invasive Species: The Arrival

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