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Captured by aliens and abandoned on a primitive alien world, Winter finds herself caught up in a private tug of war between ex-military man, Cory, and Garek, a feuer abductee from another world.


Taken from all they’d ever known, what they really needed to do was to shake their shock and hit the ground running to have any hope of surviving on the primitive world they’d been dumped on.  Cory was their unofficial leader and although he set his sights on Winter right away, he had to focus on survival before he could make any kind of move toward claiming her.


From what he could see, the competition wouldn’t be a huge problem anyway—at least until the aliens who’d dumped them came back with a group of abductees from another world.  He began to suspect pretty quickly that their leader, Garek, was going to be a serious problem.


Garek wasn’t hampered by Cory’s considerations.  He saw.  He wanted, and ‘the hunt’ was on—even if he had to go through Cory to claim her as his mate.



Published: November 2022

Word Count: 39, 352

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy/Near Future

Rating: Spicy/Erotic

Available Formats: Epub, PDF, RTF, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc)


multiple hero, Woman with male harem, captive, barbarian alien male, cat-like alien,  Kaitlyn O'Connor, New Concepts Publishing

Invasive Species: Taken

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