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Whatever the cause of the disaster--natural or at the hands of saboteurs--the alien warriors relocating humans from Earth find that they are exiled on the primitive world with their captives.


Kael and his Bi, Juro, think this may be an unlooked for opportunity, however.  As phadrac warriors of the E-ridian Empire, their only future is on the battlefield.  As castaways they may have a chance to take Summer as their mate ... If their commanding officer, Talor, doesn't capture her heart first.



Published: August 2023

Word Count: 42, 500

Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Romance

Rating: Spicy/Erotic


Multiple heroes, woman with male harem, alien warriors, bio-engineered super soldiers,  New Concepts Publishing,  Kaitlyn O'Connor, near future


Invasive Species: Exiles

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