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A nightmare that ended in another one—captured by the alien invaders, transported across the universe, Spring awakens in a pod only to discover a new nightmare awaits her. 


What was worse than being captured and transported to a primitive alien world and dumped? All of the above and the discovery that you’d been dumped with primitive aliens from another world.

And the place where you landed had man-eating everything.

The Hitants, Daek and Jedrek think Spring will make the perfect third for their Triad. When bartering for her with the head of her tribe doesn’t work, though, they just resort to a more direct approach. They steal her and make off with her.


Published: January 2023

Word Count: 42, 005

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy/Near Future

Rating: Spicy/Erotic

Available Formats: Epub, PDF, RTF, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc)


multiple hero, Woman with male harem, captive, barbarian alien males, menage a trois, Kaitlyn O'Connor, New Concepts Publishing

Invasive Species: Captured

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