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I've attempted to make each book stand alone but readers might be happier if they read Heart of the Ocean first.


As crazy as Ella has become of Commander Olric L'Arc, as willing as she was to go with him when he left, she didn't have a clue that he meant the Earth. She'd thought he meant to another place ON Earth.

It isn't particularly comforting to discover the new home Olric mentioned was the frozen water world, Enceladus--within sight of Saturn--or to find herself living among the Kirean people as the only human.

On top of that, she discovers she's extremely susceptible to the mating kiss of the mermen--and, in the battle over who gets Ella, between Olric and the two Princes of Shendoe, it turns out they all do.

She's deliriously happy about it. Them--not so much ....


Published: March 2023

Word Count: 31, 157

Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Romance

Rating: Spicy/Erotic


Multiple heroes, woman with male harem, merman shifters, alien warriors, Kaitlyn O'Connor, New Concepts Publishing


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