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Woman with male harem/reverse harem


IWoman with male harem/reverse harem*NEW* *NEW*When his woman declines to renew their contract, it turns Reuel's entire world on end.


Reuel CO469 is tall, dark, and infinitely dangerous. His is the face that launched a million flyers. He is the first of his kind, the first cyborg to go rogue, the leader of all who’d come after him, and the only rogue nobody has ever come close to catching.


Until he literally stumbled upon his Eve--the human woman who personified all he had ever desired--when he had thought he had lost all chance of it when Dalia declined to renew their contract and walked out, shattering the family he had yearned so much for.


Eva is in need of rescue with no expectation of it when the man who calls himself her father takes on three mysterious strangers as passengers and she becomes embroiled in a war many years in the making.

Cyberevolution Book Nine: Reuel CO469

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