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Taken and sold as a breeder, she decides her will to live is stronger than her determination to refuse to by dominated.


Taken by alien slavers, Victoria has been thoroughly trained as a sex slave and or breeder by the time she arrives on a savage, alien world and ends up on a slave auction. But the warrior, Omar, has made her an offer she can’t resist—mostly because he won’t let her. 


Victoria was someone before she was snatched from the life she’d built for herself and, despite the intense ‘training’ she finds it difficult to accept that she isn’t anymore, that she has no rights at all.

But the savage, Omar, appeals to some part of herself that she has difficulty ignoring or denying. To him, she’s worth dying for, and when he snatches her for himself, she begins to think she couldn’t be safer anywhere else.


Published: March 2023

Word Count: 26,000

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy/Erotica

Rating: Spicy/Erotic

Available Formats: Epub, PDF, RTF, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc)


Domination/Submission, alien breeder, breeder slave, captured sex slave, barbarian warrior



Alien Breeders: Savage Conquest

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