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A post-apocalyptic Science Fiction Thriller; reverse harem; alien invasion romance. This is a reissue.

They were days from returning home from their mission aboard the ISS Pegasus when the pandemic struck—and it went from bad to disastrous almost at the speed of light—moving so swiftly no one could even begin to estimate the kill rate.

And then the alien fleet arrived.

When Lymra Sabin Au-tere beamed aboard the space station, it was with a message of peace and hope, but no one believed they’d really come to help. Like sharks that have smelled blood in the water, the aliens are circling for the kill.

For Dr. Danielle Stevens hope of finding her children is all that keeps her going, that makes it possible to hold herself together, but as they begin the search for survivors it becomes more and more obvious that Earth if mortally wounded and virtually defenseless.

It seems their only hope is to join the rebels led by Sabin Au-tere. But the mahns have secrets of their own that begin to unravel the fragile trust of the team from the ISS Pegasus.

Chaos Forged:Pandemic

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