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They were Furians, last of the great warriors of Ator—Referred to as Beastmen by anyone who had ever had the misfortune to see them transform themselves into their totem beast and lived to tell the tale.


The Basinini were always surprised to learn it.  They were under the mistaken impression that the warriors of Ator were referred to as Beastmen because they were backwards barbarians—because they, the Basinini had crossed the line when they destroyed Ator, and they never lived long enough to relay that information to the dwindling numbers of their own kind.


Zion, Bazal, and Daro of the Dragon Clan believe they have finally located the home world of their enemies, the Basinini, when they track them to a stronghold on a distant world. 


Unfortunately, nothing from that point onward goes as planned.


Beastmen of Ator III: Alien Captive

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