Intercepted and invaded—When a colonist ship from Earth is waylaid in route to the designated colony planet, the women find themselves captives of barbarian warrior—giants.


Enslaved by a reptilian race known as the delizo, the elite madrone warriors of the planet, Eos, have no choice but to bow to their masters and conquer all who stand in their path. The two hundred tiny Earth women they discover in stasis, however, become the Trojan horse no one anticipated—least of all the conquerors.


The women from Earth discover the 'war' is lost before they even knew they were being invaded. They're in space--they can't escape and they can't fight their way out of their predicament because they're outnumbered, physically inferior, and unarmed. They can only accept what they can't change and wait for a moment to change it. No one anticipated that nature would be the most powerful weapon at their disposal.


Reverse harem ,Multiple heroes, alien barbarian warriors, multiple sexual partners ,spicy erotic romance.


Alien Warriors: Invasion