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Caught up in an intergalactic war, Enya wasn't sure of what the trio of alien warriors had in mind when they grabbed her and hauled her aboard their ship.


Enya had no idea her entire life was about to be turned upside down when she heard the sounds of an aerial battle above her home.  But Bastin, Rayn, and Loki were determined to prevent her from becoming collateral damage in the war they declared against the slave masters, the Shelloni.




Alien Enslaved—Rebellion II:





Kaitlyn O’Connor

Chapter One

Enya Black had returned home from work with her tail dragging from an eight hour shift at the restaurant where she worked.  Without even taking the time to transfer her tips from the pockets of her service apron to her tip jar, she collapsed tiredly on her ragged old couch—sprang up again when she discovered a spring that had sprung—and then moved to the depression where it had been, was supposed to be.

She’d just begun to drowse when a near deafening roar brought her from near slumber to electrified in zero point zero seconds. 

Just about the time her mind registered ‘jet’, the roar was followed, almost instantaneously, by a tremendous explosion that not only shook her house, but blew out all the windows.

Or rather in.

Enya dove for the floor, but she hadn’t even landed before she was showered with glass shards.

Stinging from dozens of tiny cuts, she lifted her head after a stunned moment and shook it to shed the glass fragments.

Before she could decide if she could, or should, get up and try to get out of the house, she heard a second roar of a jet engine and then a third and fourth in quick succession.  Explosions preceded or followed each one.

Escape was the only thing that actually registered in her mind and that wasn’t even real thought.  It was instinct—good or bad, on point or way the hell off base.  She didn’t know and she couldn’t analyze it at the moment.

She scrambled up and raced toward the front door, hearing the crunch of glass with every step, skidding on the slick pieces. 

Her tips crossed her mind when she got the door, and she whipped a look back at the couch where she’d dropped her apron.

She might as well be dead without a penny to her name.

Rushing back, she grabbed it and raced to the door again, twisted the knob and dashed out that time without hesitation.

The delay while she’d stupidly run back for the thirty-odd dollars in tips, she discovered, might actually have saved her life.

There were bits and pieces of burning debris still raining down from the sky, but it looked like most of it—the biggest pieces—had already hit the ground. 

Terrified and totally disoriented and confused, she looked around at the debris and finally looked up.

A jolt of shock went through her that literally froze her to the spot.  She stared at the ‘thing’ she could see blankly, without comprehension, trying to wrap her mind around it.

It was a ship, though, she finally accepted.

Not a blimp.

Not one of ‘ours’, but a ship.

A flying saucer.

Jets were zipping around it like a swarm of furious wasps.  There were explosions—she could see them—though the sound took a couple of seconds to reach her. 

When it did it was hard enough to rattle her teeth.

And her eardrums.

While she stared at the aerial battle, too dumbstruck for any sort of brain function at all, a second ship like the first came into view.



Alien Enslaved Rebellion II: Battleground Earth

  • Published: July 2021
    Length: Category novel
    Word Count: 50, 443
    Genre: Sci-Fi/ Futuristic Romance 
    Rating: Spicy/Erotica---graphic sex scenes-- Multiple heroes
    Available formats: PDF, RTF, Epub, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc) 

  • Due to the nature of our product, we do not allow returns/refunds.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

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