Susan Kelley

I've been fascinated by post-apocalyptic stories since I read one as a junior high student.  I've always thought if the worst happens it's most likely to be one of those asteroids circling Earth from out in the mysterious dark of the universe.  Hopefully when that happens, some people will survive.  Living in a world stripped of all technology and scattered by the geological changes likely to happen in such and event would make life challenging.  The future world I created in the Chronicles of Solonia is populated by scattered colonies each with their own problems.  If they dont' learn to work together for the greater good of all they might all perish.

Post apocalypse Earth is a popular theme and The Solonian series is my own unique take on mankind after the disaster. My characters reflect my belief the struggles and demands of survival will either bring out the best in mankind or expose any nugget of evil residing in their souls. Some will use any means at their disposal for material gain or to gather power to themselves.  Others will step between society and the human beasts preying on the innocent even if it means sacrificing their lives.  When the two entities, one for good and one for evil, collide, there will be a story. 

The Solonian series examines the personal tales of a few of the people rebuilding Earth's civilization, each searching for something more than the mere battle to survive.  After food and shelter, like the song says, all we need is love. Come along and read how some brave men and women find all they need.