Buffi BeCraft

Buffi BeCraft lives close to the East Texas woods that her werewolves roam. Still, she admits to being much more the hotel staying kind of girl, rather than the camping in a tent sort. Juggling a pack of her own filled with family, friends, and an ever-changing menagerie of pets. 

It all began in seventh grade math class when Buffi decided that writing a novel was a much better use for her notebook than taking notes. Six weeks later, she was grounded from reading (gasp!) and the grand epic space adventure was put away so that she could actually participate in class. Buffi never developed a love of math, but she did pass and did get her library card back.

These days, Buffi BeCraft-Woodall is deep in her East Texas lair writing as Buffi BeCraft. All this time later, she's happy to dabble in more than werewolves. Paranormal, fantasy, sci-fi, romance... "It's all good," Buffi says, "I just want to keep writing and exploring new worlds."

Top 6 questions answered by Buffi:

1) Is Buffi your real name? A) Yes, it is. My mother named me after the old show Family Affair not the park-lurking blonde with a peculiar taste for staking vampires.

2) Why werewolves? Aren't they scary? A) That's technically two questions, but since they always get asked together, I'll go with it. Why NOT werewolves? They're furry, macho, and most canines are incredibly loyal and sensitive. As for scary-- I consider Dallas traffic much more horrifying.

3) Are you still writing the Blue Collar Werewolf books? A) Oh yes! Even though I've started exploring other genres, the werewolf world is still my favorite to write in. I have all kinds of diabolical things planned for the pack. Bwhahahahah!

4) What is your inspiration for writing? A) Pretty much everything. Ever walk your dog down a dark rural road? Full moon playing Peek-a-boo in the trees? We've got bats, deer, raccoons, and all sorts of other critters that love to scurry at night! Spooky!

5) How do you find time to write? A) Laptops are good investment. Flip it open and start tapping away anytime you have a free minute and add lots of coffee for fuel.--just stay away from video games and social networking sites while doing so! They're very distracting.

6) Why do you write? A) I started for myself. It's a good outlet for frustration. But I'd be lying if I said that was the only reason. I love writing stories that I think the readers will connect to and I love meeting people who read and 'got' one of my books.

Blue-Collar Werewolves