All the power in the universe does not help a young man when he is presented with the death of his entire family, except for a chance of vengeance, against his own world and those out side who had killed his parents.


  Bitterness and hatred is all that the handsome young man has within him, as he deserts his home world that he feels has betrayed him. He is a rare modifier or shifter, what many believe is not possible, yet some feel are myths of saviors. Yet in his anger, he refuses to use the unusual gifts of fire and lightning and to change into a beast.

  He is a rogue that still has made some friends, and can’t seem to refuse a challenge. If it involves helping a pal who has a price on his head, or taking a child home to her mother and saving a whole world from a despot in a way that gives him a great spaceship and deceives some very important people, well he is neck deep into the problems.

  Mixed in, he finds a beautiful slave woman to free, and one after another, confrontations that he just can’t seem to refuse.

Veldan Vengeance