One half-elf warrior, a tool created by immortal forces, faces the greatest evil to ever walk the world.


Cage Stone and his allies, out-numbered and cornered, prepare for a battle they can’t win against the malicious god-like Ferlon.

Ferlon’s evil influence draws every criminally-minded man to his side. The manic gangs wreck destruction on the countryside distracting the king and his loyal guards as Ferlon gathers power and a hellish army.

Cage accepts that he’s fated to face Ferlon. His lonely chance at victory resides within his unique heritage. But what power has determined the course of his life? And will that power rise to help him and all of Futhark in this most desperate time?

The Futhark Chronicles IV: Heir of Futhark

  • Published: April 2016
    Length: Full Novel
    Word Count: 99,295
    Genre: Fantasy
    Rating: Sensual/Spicy
    Available formats: PDF, RTF, Epub, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc)

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