An exiled man returns to the city that threw him out and with the help of an extraordinary woman tries to save all his people.



The domed city is slowly starving. After being exiled, Robin Linden wants only two things. One is to be worthy of the extraordinary outsider, Kerry Gibbs. Knowing his first desire is out of reach, Robin focuses his determination on his second. He must bring the cure for the deadly plague to the city so all his people can live outside.


Kerry Gibbs finds city-man Robin Linden infuriating and ridiculously attractive at the same time. When he sneaks back inside the loathsome city, she has no choice but to follow along and protect him from his martyr complex. She hates the smelly confines inside the dome, but once she meets the innocents Robin wants to rescue, his goals become her own.


Their attempts are thwarted over and over again by the city leaders determined to stay in power. Even as Robin and Kerry succumb to their mutual attraction, broken promises undermine their burgeoning love. Robin wants only to save everyone and protect Kerry. Kerry doesn’t need or want his protection. She expects the stubborn man to see her as his equal and capable partner.


Their only chance to save the city and their friends depends on them learning to trust each other and the possibilities of a love beyond the limits of a post-apocalyptic world.

Survivors of the Apocalypse #3: Exile's Savage Lady