In a dystopian future, a fierce, frontier survivor and a cultured, vulnerable city lady battle humanity’s extinction as well as their personal ill-advised attraction and mistrust


A pandemic viral infection destroys humanity, leaving only small pockets of survivors and one sterile city protected from the illness by a dome. In this dystopian world, the outsiders live on a frontier reminiscent of decades ago. In the protected city, resources dwindle after three centuries of isolation. In desperation, the city leaders mercilessly exile those they find troublesome or of little use.


Brody Gibbs feeds and protects his clan on the wild frontier outside the city. When he rescues the cultured, exiled city lady, he never suspects her fragile appearance camouflages a steely core and courageous heart.

Arissa Vargas finds the wild outside amazing, beautiful, and dangerous. A perfect match to the handsome man who saves her. She wants him with a heat like none she’s ever known, but can their fledging love survive her mistrust and secrets?


Brody risks the future of his clan by loving Arissa until her secret is exposed and tears them apart. When a horrifying enemy threatens everyone they care about, only their bravery and sacrifice can save their loved ones and maybe teach them what is really important in a loving relationship.

Survivors of the Apocalypse #1: Hunter's Exiled Lady

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