She wants freedom for her people, and he has a plan to make it happen. Except they’re from different worlds, and they don’t trust each other.


Mars has spent years in slavery, working on his plan to free his people. He’s suffered too much pain and loss to allow any interference. But the arrival of the fierce, intriguing alien woman from Earth distracts him in every way possible.

Roma and her fellow refugees from Earth land on the perfect planet only to find the native humans enslaved by monstrous race of invaders. Not even the sexy alien slave, Mars, can prevent Roma from thinking about escape. Though the time spent in his arms does ease the stress of their imprisonment.

When the Earthling slaves experience the true brutality of the slavers, the frail trust between Mars and Roma is destroyed. Their only chance of freedom and survival is if they can work together. Can love overcome the betrayals that have divided them so they can dream of a future together?

Starship Refugees IV: The Alien and the Slave