When an alien vows to save an Earthling woman from slavery and a planet about to explode, neither of them expect the fiercest fire will be between them.



Alien Elgin Traveler is astounded to meet the colonists from a distant planet called Earth. The unlucky Earthlings have landed on a planet on the verge of an extinction level volcanic eruption.


Captain Jess Britton had earned her role as leader of the newest Earth colony despite the challenges of wilderness survival ahead of them. An alien male shocks them when he makes contact and stuns them further by telling them that their new home is on a countdown to explode. Their landing ship was designed for a one-way trip, leaving them stranded.


Elgin would have helped the Earthlings regardless, but after meeting the tall, fearless guard captain, he’s willing to sacrifice everything to save Jess. Jess is accustomed to being treated as one of the guys. No man is attracted to a woman as tall and as intimidating as she is. Until the towering, handsome alien walks into her life.


Their mutual attraction could be short-lived as the forces of nature threatened them from all sides. Even as Elgin calls on his people to save the Earthlings, he keeps a dark secret from Jess. If he choses treason and love, it could mean the end of his entire race. First, they must work together to survive the rage of nature and the malice of mankind and hope forgiveness will allow them a future together.