They met on eBay. He was buying. She was selling. Gabby is thrilled when she receives her asking price for one of her signature portraits, an angel in chains. But what begins as a few casual emails quickly becomes erotic, the flames of carnal desire scorching red hot. The last thing she expected was to become part of the package. Erik, an American soldier stationed in Iraq wants more than anything to unlock the woman inside. She blazes a fire inside of him greater than the explosion of any missiles, any round of bullets he has to dodge in the god-forsaken sandbox he’s sitting in. From the pits of hell he’s found his angel, and he’s coming home to claim her.

Seduce and Conquer

  • Published: 06/2008 
    Length: Mid-Novel 
    Word Count: 64,004
    Genre: Contemporary Erotica 
    Rating: Ménage. Cybersex. Phone Sex. Mild BDSM.

    Available formats: Epub, PDF, RTF, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc) 


    All other formats available upon request

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