Queen Guinevere is keeping a secret from her husband and now her life and the city of Camelot could be in danger unless King Arthur’s love is strong enough to save them both. 

Lady Guinevere was betrothed to Prince Arthur as a young child and now that he has become the king, he is ready to make the young woman his wife. Knowing she will be the Queen of Camelot is exciting but what Guinevere wants more than anything, is to be one of Arthur’s Knights of the Roundtable. With her raw beauty and his powerful nobility, the royal couple is a magnificent sight for all to see. Their attraction to one another is magnetic and Arthur vows to awaken Guinevere’s hidden passion which sparks feelings between the two.

Merlin is a wizard in secret and with his help, Guinevere will have the chance to compete in the Tournament of Knights. When Lancelot enters the knights competition, the man is seen sneaking in and out of Guinevere’s chamber leaving everyone suspicious about the queen’s actions. Arthur is quick to condemn his wife and this leads to the jeopardy of Guinevere’s safety. Now, the king has to protect Camelot from those who have betrayed him. Arthur loves his Guinevere but is it enough to forgive the woman for the secrets she is keeping from the king?

Secrets of Camelot, The

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