When Finn Covington goes into the woods to film a monster, the last thing she expects is to find out that the beast is a handsome shifter, and that in his human form he is just as dark and dangerous as any wild animal.


Bored of making wedding videos, Finn Covington decides to risk her life to get something more exciting on camera. For years she had heard the legend of the Saber, a hungry beast that lurks in the woods with saber teeth that are said to be as thick and long as a man’s arm. Finn ignores the warnings of the townspeople, determined to capture the beast on film. In the woods, she stumbles across a mansion in the trees, surrounded by booby-traps and twelve-foot walls. 


When Abraham opens his door, he doesn’t expect to see a beautiful woman staring up at him, unfazed by his massive size and pointed fangs. When he realizes that she has caught on film his transformation into the very beast she is trying to capture, Abraham brings her into his enchanted home to protect his secret. The two butt heads, but soon Finn’s light, cheerful demeanor starts to break down Abraham’s walls. No matter how hard he resists, he can’t seem to keep his mind and heart away from the girl with the playful smile who isn’t afraid of anything at all, even when a powerful, monstrous being threatens to destroy them both. 




Jordan Michelle

Chapter 1: Abraham

I stayed low to the ground, claws digging into the soft dirt as I crept closer to the young doe. The ground was moist from the rain we’d gotten the night before, muffling the sound of my footsteps even further so that I barely made a sound as I stalked through the trees. It still smelled like rain, but the musky scent of the deer was what overpowered my nostrils as I crept closer. I felt restless inside—bored of the same thing every night, hoping that this time would somehow be different; that it would run faster, be harder to catch. The deer’s ears twitched as I approached but it didn’t run, instead lowering its head again to drink from the clear water of the stream. I ignored my disappointment in favor of my aching hunger and empty stomach, preparing to lunge at the animal, but was cut off by the scent of something different that made me pause.

I stopped in my tracks, sniffing the air, easily recognizing the smell of human men. Looking around, I saw the deer dart away out of the corner of my eye, and backed quickly into the shadows as three men emerged in the clearing in the trees near the stream.

“There’s no way in hell I’m staying out here, Pete,” said one of the men—the tallest of the bunch, only a few inches shorter than I was in my human form. He was stick-thin for all his height, and looked frightened as he glanced nervously around, his eyes searching the trees, not landing on me as I stood there crouched behind a thick trunk.

“Don’t be a pussy,” Pete said derisively, though his expression didn’t match the boldness of his words. His eyes were wide and sweat was pouring down the back of his neck, soaking his faded red t-shirt despite the evening chill in the air. I could sense how nervous he was, could smell the bitterness of his fear as I crept closer to hear them better. The tall man grunted in response to Pete, opening his mouth to speak before the third cut him off.

“I’m not staying out here, either,” he said. He was younger than the others, no more than a boy, and was shifting from foot to foot, fidgeting with his hands.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Pete snarled. “I thought you wanted to find this thing.”

“We’ve been hunting all day and haven’t seen a trace of the Saber,” the tall man pointed out. “But I’m not staying out here at night. That’s when it hunts. Everybody knows that. The plan was to sneak up on it in daylight.”

“So? There are three of us. We have guns. Nothing a monster can do against a rifle like that. I’m tired of running away at dark. It’s time to get rid of this fuckin’ thing. I’m going to Abraham’s place.”

I tensed at the sound of my name, crouching lower to the ground.

“Abraham’s?” the boy asked in an incredulous tone. “Why?”

“He’s got something to do with that animal. I know it.”

“That wasn’t part of the plan. We were gonna leave before dark,” the kid protested, his voice rising in pitch and trembling. “Everyone knows not to go near there. You said we wouldn’t get too close to Abraham.”

“You won’t get within twenty feet of his walls without being caught in one of those traps,” said the tall man.

“I don’t need to get that close. Guaranteed—I keep an eye on his place, the Saber’ll show up. I don’t know why we haven’t just stormed him yet, knocked down those walls.”

“Abraham is dangerous. Everyone knows that. The beast stays away from him. Why do you think he’s got all them traps up? How do you think he stays alive out here?” the tall man asked. “You’re wasting your time. You’ll never catch the Saber by yourself unless you’re willing to die for it, and you’re never going to get close to Abraham’s place. Let’s go home.”

“Bullshit. He does have something to do with that beast, otherwise he’d be dead, traps or not. The thing is as big as a bear, for god’s sake. I’m not afraid of the Saber like the rest of the town. I’m going to find it even if you assholes won’t come with me,” Pete said, waving his gun in front of him, his hands trembling. “I got this.”

“Fine by me. You die out here. I’m going back to town,” the tall man said.

“Me too,” said the boy, and the two started off through the woods without a goodbye. I watched them take off running at full-speed. Pete paused for a minute, taking off his faded grey baseball cap and wiping the sweat off his forehead with his hand.

“Bullshit,” he muttered to himself. He slung his rifle off of his shoulder and cocked it, holding it ready as he started to make his way through the trees toward my estate. I stalked after him, keeping a few feet away, hoping that he would change his mind and start back toward the town. Part of me wanted to hunt him, but I pushed the thought away, reminding myself that it wasn’t worth the trouble. He paused and so did I, holding my breath for a long moment. It was almost fully dark outside, lit by only the wispy rays of falling sunshine that managed to break through the foliage of the forest.



  • Published: July 2021

    Length: Full Length Novel

    Word Count: 79, 608: TBA

    Rating: Spicy Hot

    Available formats: Epub, PDF, RTF, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc)

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