Bored of making wedding videos, Finn Covington decides to risk her life to get something more exciting on camera. For years she had heard the legend of the Saber, a hungry beast that lurks in the woods with saber teeth that are said to be as thick and long as a man’s arm. Finn ignores the warnings of the townspeople, determined to capture the beast on film. In the woods, she stumbles across a mansion in the trees, surrounded by booby-traps and twelve-foot walls. 


When Abraham opens his door, he doesn’t expect to see a beautiful woman staring up at him, unfazed by his massive size and pointed fangs. When he realizes that she has caught on film his transformation into the very beast she is trying to capture, Abraham brings her into his enchanted home to protect his secret. The two butt heads, but soon Finn’s light, cheerful demeanor starts to break down Abraham’s walls. No matter how hard he resists, he can’t seem to keep his mind and heart away from the girl with the playful smile who isn’t afraid of anything at all, even when a powerful, monstrous being threatens to destroy them both.