When a handsome Texas Ranger saves her from danger, Julia’s entire world unravels only for her true destiny to be found. 

In the rugged lands of the west, Kane Covington was a well-known, respected member of the famed Texas Rangers. Being the son of a wealthy American and a beautiful Indian woman, the handsome cowboy spent his days protecting the innocent and bringing justice to Dallas County. After Kane’s friend and mentor Walter, had been shot over a treasure map to the legendary Lost Aztec Gold, the dying man entrusted Kane to find and protect his daughter Julia. 

After growing up in a boarding school without her parents, Julia Morgan became a master at hiding her true feelings but when a dark handsome lawman comes looking for her, the young woman seems to lose all her senses. Claiming she needs protection from a hidden danger, Julia trusts the stranger with her life, and with her heart. Every minute that passes between the two of them, proves to Kane and Julia that their lives are destined to be intertwined.

Rescued by Fate

  • Published: 04/2014
    Length: Long Category
    Word Count: 51,357 
    Genre: Historical Romance
    Rating: Spicy
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