Cursed by a sorcerer's spell, Britenia feels nothing but emotionless lust and emotionless pain--a mere reaction by her body that fails to reach her mind. Securing an invitation to the No Holes Barred Spa and Nightclub, she is intent on studying the emotional feast innate to the many guests from the galaxies far and wide. As royal matriarch of her emotionless people it is Britenia's duty to discover, to experience it all, good or bad--fear, sadness, anger, joy, passion--especially passion.

No Holes Barred: The Awakening

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  • Published: 09/2005 
    Length: Novella 
    Word Count: 22,666 
    Genre: Futuristic/Fantasy Erotica 
    Rating: Erotica. 
    Available formats: : PDF, RTF, Epub, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc)

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