The globe below them was awash with ocean but the glow from the red sun that sliced through its atmosphere gave the waters below the eerie look of blood ....

This is a reissue.

The deep space mining crew arrived on Kay2581, a newly discovered planet on the outer rim, to find a ghost rig—some sixty souls had vanished without a trace. The question was, was the danger past? Or was there still a clear and present danger that threatened their survival?

Abandoned-- They’re about to discover which.

The Genetically engineered (mermen), deep water mining crew—developed en route—are a completely unknown entity. Raphael and his deep sea crew, merfolk, could be Victoria and the top crew’s best allies, or more of a danger than whatever it was that took out the previous crew.

Only time will tell ... but they're running out that fast.

Intergalactic: Indigenous