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A galactic ranger on a mission to capture a serial killer.

A woman on a mission to capture a sperm donation ....

When the two collide--near disaster.


Anika was looking for a donor for her family project when she caught the eye of a killer.  Luckily for her she also caught the eye of the galactic space ranger hot on his tail.


Bazel wasn't looking for a mate.  He was trying to catch a serial killer, but he discovered Anika was just impossible to resist.




Lyssa Hart


Anika felt her pulse surging in sync with the music as she entered the club and was enveloped in the wild tempo of the music and wilder gyrations of the dancers.  Even the smattering of people standing around the tables or perched on stools along the bar were moving to the beat—while they downed booze and searched the ‘available’ for possible connections.

It was the first time Anika had actually gotten up enough nerve to follow through with her impulse to check out a night club—not the first time she’d felt the impulse.  Just the first time she’d managed to get past the front door without losing her nerve.  She’d heard they were wild places where reckless behavior was the rule not the exception and that had intrigued her as much as it had terrified her when reckless behavior had led to the great die off that had dominated most of her life.

Well, a good percentage, anyway—late childhood and early adult life—but she was one of the lucky, careful, strong who’d survived and she was, like the other patrons, ready to live.

Meaning, get laid and possibly bred.

She thought she really wanted to get bred the most.  Dating and mating had finally gone the way of most everything else during the dark days.  The end result was that she’d ‘missed’ the chance at sowing her wild oats when she’d felt her wildest and she’d reached a plane where she was willing to just go for the reproduction part of the equation—because she wasn’t naïve enough anymore to believe there were happily-ever-afters to be had. 

Or maybe she was just tired?  And disillusioned?

On the positive side, anybody that had made it through to celebrate post pandemic life was of excellent stock. 

Well strong and healthy—lucky and pretty smart.

Of course, on the negative side, the gene pool had been narrowed considerably.

But she wasn’t going to let that deter her.  It was what it was.  She had to seize the day because she wasn’t getting any damned younger.  She was still in a pretty good place for reproducing, age wise, and she’d managed to build a decent life for herself where she had security to offer her off-spring if not luxury.

After a brief hesitation, she moved to the bar to get a drink—to help her blend in with all of the wild partiers in the place.  She couldn’t actually afford more than one, but she thought she would nurse it anyway because on the practical side, she didn’t want to get so toasted she made a piss poor choice for a gene donor.

Not that she could ‘detect’ a hell of a lot.

She couldn’t even rely on a visual because she couldn’t see worth a shit in the dim lighting the place boasted.

But she was looking for a build and she could see that pretty well.  If the build didn’t suit—as in muscular and nicely proportioned—she had no intention of getting close enough to check out the face or find out if there was a chemical attraction.

Luckily for her, she’d arrived early enough that she had plenty of time to study and discard the males that were already present.  When she’d found a place near the wall in the back where she could see but not be seen easily, she studied the men that entered the club after her.

It was pretty disappointing, actually. 

An hour passed and then two and very few unattached men came in at all and of those, not even one really appealed to her.  As slowly as she’d drank her drink, she was down to the bottom of the glass and debating whether to just give up altogether and try another time or to get another drink and hang around a little longer when a male entered that sent a jolt through her from all the way across the room.

It wasn’t just that he was tall and fit, the strobe lights captured tantalizing ‘snap shots’ of his face and that appealed in a scary sort of way—because his face was hard and angular and more ‘beast’ than handsome. 

Dark and dangerous, she decided, wondering a little uneasily if those ‘danger’ vibes that were teasing her were a warning she should heed or if he was ‘the one’ she’d hoped to find.

In fact, when she managed to gather her wits, she decided it must be super high testosterone he exuded because she was by no means the only female in the place that had an interest in him.  She could see at least a half a dozen women that were watching him like a cat watching the canary.

Dismay flickered through her.

That was a lot of competition!


  • Published: October 2021
    Length: short category
    Word Count: 18, 936
    Genre: Sci-Fi/ Futuristic Romance 
    Rating: Spicy/Erotica---graphic sex scenes
    Available formats: PDF, RTF, Epub, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc) 

  • Due to the nature of our product, we do not allow returns/refunds.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

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