When Laird Camden Sinclair lost his Highland clan to the deceitful traitor Malcolm MacKay, the fierce warrior and his elite guard of men vowed to get revenge. King James of Scotland provides his only option and that is to marry a young English countess for her inheritance of Scottish land. Camden will do anything to save his clan and that includes dealing with a timid young bride.

Olivia was unlike most girls her age, after training with her brother’s royal army for many years she was anything but timid. The young countess was skilled with a sword, deadly with a bow and arrow, and braver than most soldiers but none of that mattered when King Henry of England marries her to a Scottish stranger.

Laird Sinclair wastes no time in preparing to save his clan from the evil Malcolm and Olivia does everything possible to prove her worth as a warrior to her new husband. When their heated lovemaking sparks feelings between the two, Camden and Olivia realize they can no longer deny their love for one another. 

With the sinister Malcolm MacKay coveting Camden’s beautiful new wife, the rouge Highland laird does everything in his power to protect Olivia, but is it enough? Can Olivia’s own abilities keep her safe from the vile man who wants her for his own?

Highland Vengeance