There’s so much friction between them it can only lead to war or the hottest hook-up either of them have ever had.

 Jake Ross had suffered undercover in the army for three years. But with his help, the corrupt Federation government has been exposed. He wants only to go home and get on with his life. Then one last aggravating mission pulls him back into the chaos.

Journalist Poppy Shaw resents Jake’s presence as her protector from the moment she meets the arrogant man no matter how much she lusts for him. The huge bounty on her head and repeated attacks convince her to accept his presence. Soon their verbal sniping leads to more heated interactions. They’re either arguing or in bed.

Poppy’s deeply held belief in peaceful revolution clashes with Jake’s violent methods of protecting her. Even as they admit how much they care for each other, his actions drive her away. Their survival will depend on which of them is willing to kill for or die for the other.

Galactic Raiders II: The Rogue's Rebel Lady

  • Published: May 2016
    Length: Mid Novel
    Word Count: 72,032
    Genre: Futuristic Romance
    Rating: Spicy
    Available formats: PDF, RTF, Epub, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc)