To solve a crime spree, two detective partners need to involved a beautiful veterinarian and a flock of cats.


  There are harmless street people being killed and left dead on the clean floors all over the city at strange places. The places were the expensive private clubs of Spas mostly serving women. There were no traces and fingerprints. The only thing in common was that a stray cat was found at each location.

  But just as the city’s best pair of detectives get involved, things get stranger. A very important executive commits suicide by shooting himself in the head—twice, and a cat is found waiting alone with the body.

   Finally a reporter who is covering a bombing and the veterinarian lady who is having the cats isolated for the police are both kidnapped. Maybe it would take a touch of magic to get to the end of this puzzle.


Crimes and Magic: Whiskers and Murder

  • Published: December 2020
    Length: Category
    Word Count:  43,288
    Genre: Paranormal/Urban Fantasy 
    Rating: erotic

    Available formats: Epub, PDF, RTF, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc)