Sometimes solving an ugly crime spree can be as dangerous to the detectives as to the people who are killing all over the city in the dark rain.


  These two detectives work the night shift in this dark and dangerous city and cover each other’s back. They are very different, one is a skinny computer geek with a beautiful wife and only believes on what he can prove in puzzles. The other is a big handsome guy who lives alone with a black cat and prefers to drive a Charger Hellcat but also has a touch of magic.

  Between them they are weird and the Captain gives them the strange crimes, but this one is the most unusual that has been handed off to them. In the middle of many bizarre death, the big detective seems to even find attraction to a lovely attorney who is out to protect the weak.

  Still they can not stop the murders and they can not find the head of the group that is killing all the men in their rainy dark city.

Crimes and Magic: Killing with Love

  • Published: August 2020
    Length: Category
    Word Count:  46,000
    Genre: Paranormal/Urban Fantasy 
    Rating: erotic

    Available formats: Epub, PDF, RTF, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc) 


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