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Dior thought it was a work day like any other until she opened her front door and came face to face with the barrel of a gun.


She had no idea why she'd become a target, but suddenly everyone wanted a piece of her--including the four aliens that escaped the facility.


When 'specimens' of a top secret government experiment escape,  Dior Cannon is caught in the middle of the security breach to steal the specimens and the manhunt for the four aliens that have swept her up in their flight for freedom.


It isn't just hunting season, though.


It's mating season and the aliens--Adrian, Bain, Dante and Calen know they've found 'the one'.  They just have to convince Dior of it if they can stop running long enough.


Published: May 2023

Word Count: 46, 699

Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Romance

Rating: Spicy/Erotic


Multiple heroes, woman with male harem, shifters, alien warriors, bio-engineered super soldiers,  New Concepts Publishing,  Kaitlyn O'Connor, near future

Montauk Project

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