Hate blinded him to everything but revenge.  Can love help him see before it’s too late to redeem himself?


‘Devil’ Devereaux—earned the sobriquet because he was a devil in the card room, on the dueling field—and in the bedroom.  But was he completely impervious to any woman’s charms?  Or would it transpire that Emma was the Waterloo he’d had coming for many years?


Emma’s dull world turns into a nightmare when she’s cast out by the man she thought was her father into a cold and very cruel world.  Lord Devereaux is the man who rescues her from the fate worse than death, but just how altruistic are his motives?


Not very.  Emma has the look of his archenemy and he decides she’ll make the perfect pawn for his revenge.  Unfortunately for him, he gets caught up in his own web.

Devil's Mistress

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