If you want to protect the Queen from a killer, hire a killer to protect her.

The Gods have a habit of balancing the scales. Good and bad, rich and poor, strong and weak. The planet of Gigas Vnee is one that has a balance. A dangerous storm tossed world that is mostly ocean, filled with rocky mountaintops pushed to grow strange trees that can withstand the winds that scour the land. Intelligent life learned to live in caves longer than on most worlds. So the balance was a valuable mineral thread among the rocks that was worth more than any carved gemstones in the Universe as the threads produced cheap energy to move deep space jumps.

The elected rulers were two unusual clone males who were stronger mentally than manmade units. Beside them was the Queen/Slave who loved them and kept them on the right track. Around them were evil, greed, politics, lust and death. You meet death with death by hiring one of the greatest threats in this part of the universe, one of the members of the Assassins Society. But even the stoic assassin might find surprises on this amazing planet of caves and battering gales. Some of the gales are between male and female.


Assassin for the Slave, An

  • Published: November 2014
    Length: Long No